Instructions & Introductions

PLEASE NOTE: You may experience disruption or downtime while playing during peak times Friday & Saturday 7pm-10pm GMT.  If you are struggling to access the game, please try again later.    

Welcome to Murder At The Manor, the case is about to begin but first, we want to make sure you have everything you need and know everything you need to know!    

1. Compatibility 📲 
This game is compatible with most phones/tablets/PC's. 
If using a PC then the game is compatible with Chrome, Firefox & Edge browsers. It may be incompatible with other browsers. Some iOS devices may have issues, depending on iOS version or generation.  

2. Connection 🌐 
Make sure you have an active internet connection (4g or WIFI) and make sure you have charged your device too.    

3. Communication 🗣️ 
If you are wanting to communicate with people in other households then your team will need to launch their preferred communication platform, we can recommend Whatsapp, Zoom, Facetime or Skype. 
Please note - If using screen share option, this doesn't always allow for transmitting of audio from the game, so we would recommend everyone logs in on their own devices to view the game.    

4. Writing Down Notes ✍️ 
A pen and paper will also come in very handy for this game to help keep notes and work out the puzzles. This is also a whodunnit mystery, so make sure to keep track of information you find out as you try to eliminate suspects. 

5. Getting Clues ❓
If you and your team agree upon taking a clue, at the bottom of each section of the game will be 3 clue buttons, offering a clue, a more in-depth clue and finally the answer for if you are really stuck.

6. Music 🎼 
If you would like to add some ambience we have an excellent soundtrack to listen to while playing. Just click the download link below 👇


Activate your key & start game:

This key will be available on your license PDF.
It will be the second password/code you have which will be a series of numbers followed by 2 letters.